Our Landlines are down for Maintenance

We are extremely sorry if you have been trying to call us, our phone lines are currently offline.

Our landline phone number will appear that it is ringing but nobody will answer, this is due to the line still being active but not being routed to the correct location and not ringing from this side.

We are getting our phone lines upgraded to take 4 simultaneous calls at one time by installing the ISDN BT Quantum system and this has unfortunately affected the availablity of our lines.

If you are desperate to call us, please contact one of our mobile numbers:

  • 07967158365
  • 07436270175

We are expecting our lines to be back online by 14:30 GMT

Many thanks for your patience

EDIT: Our phone system is still down and will continue to be down, BT was unsucessful at migrating our lines across and will try again tomorrow.

EDIT #2: We are now online with our new phone system! Woohoo!

Sorry for the delays