Injector Removal.

Injector Removal.


Do you need to service your injector but the injector is stuck?

Modern-day injectors, regardless of shape or size, may get easily stuck and hard to remove in order to be serviced or replaced. This is a common problem for all vehicle makes and is caused by different factors including carbon build-up, corrosion and electrolytic reaction between metals. When the injector is not serviced regularly, or when the engine is running a large number of miles each day, the vehicle is very likely to have a stuck injector problem…

1. Ok, I got it. How can I remove my stuck injector?

After you have decided you have an injector issue, most the times it’s possible to have the seized injector removed from its place only by using professional hydraulic equipment (designed specifically to remove a stuck injector).

Warning! Do not hit or apply brute force to remove the injector out from its place. This will make the injector snap, leaving bits stuck in the cylinder head and the vehicle to become immobilized.

The good news is that we can still help should this be your case however, the chances of success are lower on some vehicles (however we can 100% guarantee removal on many).

Please note– because the comprehensive hydraulic equipment may cost up to £20,000 to cover most of the vehicles, most of the garages and even the main dealers will NOT have invested in these tools. This means that:

1. Because they cannot remove just the injector alone, they will need to take the whole engine apart and replace the parts (cylinder head) that keep the injector stuck in place with new ones, additionally all injectors that were not successfully removed would need to also be replaced.
2. You will have to cover all the costs associated with purchasing of new parts and labour (up to £3,000) which in some cases can write the car or van off.
3. You will not be able to use the vehicle for a significant period of time, until the work is completed.





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