audi A4, A5, A6, A8, Q5, Q7 no sound from speakers


No sound from speakers?

Sound only from one speaker?

Instrument cluster showing safe?

Certain functions on some systems inactive?

What could it be?

It is very likely that component protection active is present on one or more modules due to different reasons.


What is component protection?

For security reasons some modules built in the VAG implement “Component Protection”. This strategy is to prevent exchange of modules without central authorization from the VAG online database (dealer visit).  Such modules installed in another vehicle activate the “Component Protection Active” DTC and are with restricted functionality in that vehicle.

Required when a replacement used/donor module, such as Instrument Cluster, Ezs/Kessy/Steering Lock, HVAC Control, MMI Control Head, Comfort/Convenience Module, CD Changer/MP3, Power Seat Memory, etc is installed in a vehicle it didn't originally belong to, failure of  performing software update or it can be triggered by even a flat battery.


Audi Component Protection Removal-Programming Service

OGS Mechanics can clear “Component Protection Active” fault code by programming and allows the 2nd hand module to work in the new vehicle with its full functionality or restore audio system.

The only other alternative is a dealer visit that either limits or restricts the use and programming of donor parts with Component Protection.  Dealer will most likely try to sell you a new part together with Component Protection Programming fee.
Component Protection system was first implemented in 2003+ A8 and carries over to 2005+ C6 A6 and 2009 A4/A5/Q5.

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