Is your bmw smoking blue-white on idle?

bmw smoking 2

Did you noticed that after your bmw engine idling for a short period of time at first few revs a  cloud of blue grey smoke is coming out of exhaust tailpipe?

Is your engine using oil?

Models affected:

The N62, N63 engineS that are used in your car and the X5's, 5,6 and 7 series.

CAUSE:  The first things that can go wrong are the Oil Separators causing excessive vacuum in the crankcase which will then cause oil to be sucked into the intake and burned. The second and most common issue is the valve guide seals go bad due to age and heat they sustain while engine is operating and oil gets past the valves causing oil consumption issues and smoking.

Solutions:    Oil separator known as engine breather if  faulty is an easy fix.

The valve steam oil seals replacement  instead is a very comprehensive job usually involving removing cylinder heads in order to get access to valve springs and then to valve oil seals. This job consist on N62 engines about 30 hours labour plus parts which can work out a small fortune in money or time. On top you have to make sure before starting this job timing settings will be done correct and order to do it you also need special tools.

Here at OGS Mechanics we have the right equipment which will allow us to perform valve steam replacement without removing cylinder heads reducing  this way costs to less than half of what it means first option.

Contact us to see how can we help you to bring back to spec your pride and joy!