VW Passat B6- not starting – steering column lock defective

Does your VW Passat B6 (2005-2011) have following symptoms:

Shows Steering wheel light on orange every time when you put the key in ignition and doesn't start, or
It starts and then cuts out after 2 seconds, or
Displays Steering column lock defective" message on instrument cluster after it started, or
It does not respond in any way when the key is inserted in ignition
It makes a clinking noise when you put the key in ignition but nothing happen.

Then most likely steering column lock has gone faulty. It could be that your vehicle is completely immobilised having even steering wheel in locked position, or about to go that stage if you keep on using it without rectifying the issue.

What is steering column lock?
All vehicles are fitted with a steering lock which is an anti-theft device. The lock to the steering is usually below the steering wheel. The lock is combined with the ignition switch and engaged and disengaged either mechanically by ignition key or electronically from the vehicles electronic control unit. These locks were first introduced on many General Motor products in 1969 drastically reducing thefts, and gradually by all manufactures.Traditional mechanical column locks have been replaced with electric steering column lock (ESCL) to increase driver's comfort and provide a safer lock of the steering column.

How does an ESCL work?
When entering the vehicle and key receiver signal or key reader signal have received correct identification the ESCL automatically disengage and enable free turn of steering wheel. When leaving the vehicle with identification key and engine switched off ESCL locks automatically steering column.

What do I do now?

We can help you to get back on the road with minimum of inconvenience if you're find yourself in situation described above. OGS Mechanics mobile teams can be with you and replace and program steering column lock at your location. Also if your vehicle is drivable you can book your vehicle with us to repair steering column fault on our workshop.

Call us today today to see how we can help you to get back on the road safely!