O.G.S Mechanics was born from a passion for cars


It all started in 1994 when I chose the path of automobiles. I was 14 years old and was infected with the car bug by my older brother; therefore, when I had to make my choice in an uncertain time as a teenager to move on with my studies, I went into cars. I passed the admission and graduation exams among top students and was determined the same way I am today to get involved and make a difference.

It was this same passion that still gets me going today, and I am eager to see, understand, do and learn more.

After studying car mechanics and graduating, I got a job as a technician. I wasn’t experienced, but I was determined to follow this path

Great memories are behind me with ups and downs. Days and nights I have spent in the garage working on various projects until midnight, sleeping in the changing room, and waking up the next day fresh to get going. I have been hungry to see, learn and grow as a technician.

When a new customer comes through the garage doors in the name of Dan Gartofan, Rally National Champion of Romania, that needed repairs to his racing car engine, so here I am rebuilding an engine for a Subaru Impreza WRX.


After working for some garages, I gradually got some customers through word of mouth doing PJ, working from home on my rented house driveway and eventually, I had to move on. Here my fortune has directed me to the site that now is O.G.S. Mechanics.

OGS MECHANICS team started then and is like a family that keeps adding new members and we all follow the same ambition of always looking for the next level. Together we’re offering the best possible customer service experience!

Ovidiu George Stoica, O.G.S. Mechanics owner