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Air Conditioning Service

It is recommended to have your air conditioning system serviced every 2 years with gas and lubricant. A/c maintenance is not part of a regular vehicle service so can easily often be missed.


We will always do leak testing before a re-gas. If your A/C system has a leak we will diagnose and advise on repairs needed.
We test your A/C system for leaks using the following:

  • Pressure test using oxygen free nitrogen
  • Vacuum test
  • Ultra Violet dye leak detection

Evaluate And Recharge

Our fully trained air conditioning technicians will ensure that your air con system is working at its most efficient

  • System control and temperature check.
  • Recover refrigerant.
  • Vacuum system and leak test.
  • Replace oil and add ultraviolet dye.
  • Recharge system and Test

Did You Know?