ADAS Calibration

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The ADAS features of your car can be impacted when you take your car in for routine maintenance, which is why calibration is a crucial step in the modern car repair and maintenance process.

Have You Had Any Of The Following Repairs?

Your ADAS Will Need Calibrating

Windscreen replacing

Repairing or replacing the suspension

New bumper fitted

Fixing wheel alignment

It has become a requirement that it is done after any such repairs.

When To Get ADAS Calibration

The importance of the calibration cannot be emphasised enough. Aside from the reasons listed, that can cause immediate misalignment, when calibration is a must and not an option. There are other factors, that can impact the alignment of the sensors, some of which cause misalignment immediately and others may cause it through general use of the car over time that could affect the ADAS system or just some of the components. Some of these factors could be: driving on uneven roads, or hitting curbs.

Did You Know?


Windscreen replacement, accident repair carried out, ADAS sensor replacements or even a minor wheel alignment will require ADAS calibration. Our dedicated ADAS trained engineers are here to assist and recalibrate any system.