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Complete Engine Rebuilds

We pride ourselves on being one of the few garages that are able to provide complete engine rebuilds from scratch. We rebuild engines to factory specifications and to customers’ requirements where requested. We can also do minimal engine rebuilds in order to keep costs down as much as possible without compromising the reliability and life span of an engine. We are extremely competitive and offer high quality service and unmatched workmanship. If you believe your vehicle might require a rebuild or would like us to investigate your vehicle for you, contact us.

Minimal Engine Rebuilds

We understand the demand for performing minimal engine rebuilds and we suggest this option to our customers whenever possible.

These can range from Timing Belt Failure, Bent and Burnt Valves, Cracked, Bent and Broken Rocker Arms, Hydraulic Lifter Failure, Camshaft Failure, Early Bearing Failure and other various situations.

We can repair an engine while it is still sitting in the vehicle in order to minimise the cost of labour and turn around vehicles in a shorter timespan.

We perform engine rebuilds for local garages and for our customers.